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Fairy Auto Non Bio 140 wash

Stock Code: 1325248C

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Formulated specifically for those with sensitive or young skin, This multi-purpose powder is suitable for use on both white and coloured fabrics and utilises an advanced surfactant system which powers through even on short cycles. Effective at low temperature, the special formulation brings your clothes and linen back to the cushioned softness you once loved while making every load easy to iron. Producing brilliantly clean laundry, it is also packed with brightening agents and an activated oxygen bleach system to get your whites whiter and your colours vibrant. A great option for busy residential environments or other environments where the washing machine is always whirring, choose Fairy Non Bio today.

Extra large pack is ideal for high-traffic environments Suitable for both whites and colours (30-95C on whites / 20-60C on colours) Formulated by one of the most recognised, leading brands Works at temperatures as low as 20C Suitable for use on sensitive and young skin, including newborns.

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