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If you are unable to find what you are looking for please call 01224 643452

Brand : Evans Vanodine

Serving our industry for over 100 years Evans Vanodine has been developing and manufacturing consistent, efficient and cost-effective cleaning and hygiene products for over 100 years. Established in 1919 by William Charles Evans, under the title of W.C. Evans, in Salford, Manchester, the company initially began producing spraying essences for cinemas. It then branched out into manufacturing disinfectants, liquid soaps and various types of powders. Over the years, the company, which is still owned and run by the Evans family, has grown from one small laboratory and an office to become a world leader in the industrial, food process and animal health sectors. The company currently exports to over 80 countries worldwide, with 4 overseas facilities. There have been many important, and impressive, milestones over the past 100 years. We secured our first export order in the 1930s, sending disinfectants to the US. The 1940s saw us turn our expertise to preventing air crashes, by developing a jet turbine take-off fluid for the US Air Force. In the 1960s (and again in 2001), we played a crucial role in controlling Foot and Mouth epidemics with our farm disinfectant FAM 30, still considered today to be the finest disinfectant of its type in the world. And in 1969, Evans reached for the stars, when our disinfectants were used to protect the public when moon dust from the moon landing went on display in Manchester. Today, our products cover an extensive range of applications. We help kill pathogenic diseases in hospitals and keep farms where our food comes from and the restaurants that serve it, safe and hygienic. We also help to make sure schools are germ-free and that kids know the importance of hand-washing, thanks to the Evans bug-busting team Edward and Emily and their classroom support tools. An integral component of the company has always been chemical research and development, since Evans founder William and his son Derek, the current chairman, both set out as chemists. Their vision was for Evans to develop its own products, rather than rely on others to determine the quality of goods. This is a value the company still holds true today, with all the in-house laboratories having been rebuilt and expanded, as part of a new build extension to mark our centenary year. Evans has achieved accreditation by the British Standards Institution under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ensuring quality and consistency at every stage of production. Our microbiology laboratory was one of the first, non-governmental, establishments in the country to be awarded a National Accreditation (UKAS) for Disinfectant Testing and is approved to test disinfectants against European Standard test methods, ensuring products are fit for purpose and that bactericidal claims are substantiated. Despite all the change and growth over the years, one thing that has remained constant is the commitment and dedication of the Evans family and staff. William’s legacy is continuing thanks to the fifth generation of Evans, now working for the company, and our staff are one of our greatest assets, playing a huge part in the success and growth of the company over the years. We are incredibly proud that a fifth of the men and women amongst us have been with the company for more than 25 years. Trust Evans Vanodine for your every requirement Making sure our company is best prepared for what both the immediate and long-term future holds is a collective effort and the whole team will continue to work hard to ensure that Evans Vanodine remains efficient and quick to respond to our customers’ needs.

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