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Duplex 550 Escalator Cleaner DUP550

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Escalator / Travellator Cleaning Machine The top of the range machine of our escalator models the 550 is the preferred option when a dedicated escalator cleaner is required and you cannot fail to be impressed by this highly efficient and powerful machine which makes light work of routine daily maintenance and periodic deep-cleans.

Quick Facts Low water usage Built-in vacuum Wide cleaning width saves time Guide rail system for safe operation Can be used with sanitizing detergents Specialist brushes reach deep into treads On-site certificated training included Escalators dry and ready to use in minutes Great For Perfect for sites with large numbers of escalators/travellators to clean. This high-specification model is ideal for a wide variety of commercial facilities with escalators/travelators such as airports, hospitals, public buildings, retail shops, leisure centres, cinemas, shopping centres and many more…

Escalator Types Perfect for cleaning all popular makes of escalators and travellators. Also cleans the profiled lead on/lead off areas at the top and bottom of the escalator.

Duplex 550 Want to know a bit more… A sweeping function is first employed by vacuum filtration to remove accumulated dust. This is followed by a “damp wash” as the machine sprays a fine mist of water and detergent onto the escalator before scrubbing deep into the treads using special brushes which have been designed in consultation with leading escalator manufacturers. The interchangeable head position allows the machine to cover all the escalator speedily for optimum efficiency and its 550 mm cleaning width helps to save time and speed up the cleaning process when there is only a small window of opportunity for cleaning. The 550’s minimal water use is a key requirement in the maintenance of escalators and is also environmentally-friendly. An optional riser-cleaning kit is available.

Why not book a demonstration of the Duplex 550 today and prepare to be impressed by what it can do to your escalators and travellators.

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