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6331 Everyday Use Lotion case 6x1000ml

Stock Code: 5039915C


The quality and care you expect from the Kleenex® Brand. Kleenex® Everyday Use Luxury Liquid Hand Soap is designed for a superior cleansing experience. This liquid hand wash is enriched with moisturising and hydrating ingredients. Pink colour handwash. This Kimberly Clark soap dispenser refill is compatible with a variety of hand soap dispensers to suit every washroom: Aquarius™ white (code 6948) and black (code 7173) and stainless steel (code 8973). Refilling is easy, the hand cleanser cassettes are installed with a simple push and click. Once empty the cassette can be compressed and, apart from the pump, be recycled. Each liquid hand soap cassette contains up to 1,000 shots of liquid.

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