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BH190 BioHygiene Washroom and Floor Cleaner 2x5L

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BioHygieneWashroom and Floor Cleaner uses a synergistic blend of technologies to tackle the tough environment found in washroom environments.

An eco surfactant and plant derived solvent system provides wetting, penetrating, soil cutting and anti-redepositing action to effectively lift and clean inorganic soiling from the washroom surfaces. This system works with a tailored enzyme pack which removes body fats and scale, cutting through greasy and soiled surfaces rapidly.

A unique microbial blend gives the product the ability to penetrate tiny pores, grout and cracks and establish effective self renewing biofilms within the surface, providing effective residual action and lasting protection from offensive odours that conventional cleaning products cannot reach. The blend secretes enzymes that target the breakdown of insoluble and unsightly uric scale, protein based deposits, volatile fatty acids and ammonia, providing odour control that is unachievable with traditional chemical cleaning products.

How does it work? The ingredients in All Purpose Sanitiser work in synergy to ensure efficient kill of a wide range of microbial species.

The product has multiple modes of action:

Damages outer membranes, causing leakage of cell contents Attacks other cell structures, proteins and DNA Prevents protein synthesis Arrests energy production by the cell

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