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If you are unable to find what you are looking for please call 01224 643452

EN14476 Certified Products

EN14476 is the testing standard for surface sanitisers tested and proven effective against viruses including Covid-19. As Covid-19 is a new virus many products are just receiving renewed certification and in some cases have been reformulated or had surface contact times or dilution rates amended to ensure they pass certification.

Remember a surface is only as clean as the last person, item to come into contact with it and airborne particles can contaminate surfaces. Surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned, removing debris and residues as the first step in sanitising, spraying sanitizer onto a surface that has not been cleared of debris and residue will not be as effective. Product contact times must be observed.

For hand washing liquid soaps and thorough and regular washing are deemed to be effective by government and scientific agencies although there is no testing standard. Hand Sanitisers should be no less than 70% alcohol, again there is no testing standard for the effectiveness of these products at present.

An effective and regular cleaning regime will minimise the levels of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses on surfaces greatly reducing the likelihood of any infection spreading.

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