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F5 Kontrol Floor Maintainer 2x5Ltr 680070

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Versatile maintainer, gloss restorer and polish •Cleans, maintains, restores and protects •Makes stripping floors and thing of the past

application •Suitable for use on vinyl, thermoplastic, asphalt, linoleum, rubber, composition, terrazzo, marble, finished concrete, quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, brick and all sealed wood and cork floors

directions •Dust control all floor surfaces before the cleaning programme starts Damp Mopping TREATED Floors: Dilute 1:100 (50ml in 5 Litres of water) •If a higher gloss is required, buff when dry Damp Mopping UNTREATED Floors: •Dilute 1:25 (200ml in 5 Litres of water) •Gradually reduce concentration when a gloss starts to appear •If a higher gloss is required, buff daily with a high or ultra speed machine, use a lighter grade pad than normal for maintenance cleaning Spray Buffing or Spray Cleaning TREATED Floors: •Dilute 1:10 (60ml to 600ml trigger spray of water) Spray Buffing or Spray Cleaning UNTREATED Floors: •Dilute 1:2 (300ml in a 600ml trigger spray of water) •Gradually reduce the concentration when required gloss level is achieved To Use as a Floor Finish: •First ensure the floor is thoroughly cleaned from previous treatments by using Kontrol Super Stripper (YF15) •Then evenly apply a neat coat of KontrolMaintainer Restorer and allow to dry before applying an even second coat •If a gloss finish is required, buff with a soft pad between coats once dry To use as a Floor Finish on Worn Emulsion Floor Dressings: •First ensure the floor surface is clean, then apply 1 or 2 neat coats on the worn area •Buff with a soft pad once dry then apply a further coat over the whole area •When this is dry, buff the floor to produce a high gloss

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